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A film by Adam Carr, music by Samuel Kilcoyne & Takatsuna Mukai, a poem by Jan Noble. An odyssey of loss in a shifting cityscape, a testament of endurance with the river at its centre…

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My Name is Swan is a short film that seeks to address the growing social and economic disparity in the modern city. Shot in stunning black and white its poetry will be found in its varied tones. We aim to make a work that is both beautiful and moving as well as poignant and probing.

My Name is Swan will describe a 24 hour journey across London with the river at its centre. An odyssey of loss in a changing city landscape through which the narrator, ‘Swan’, drifts. It will give voice to social exclusion, addiction, pollution, loneliness and the metropolitan malaise.

My Name is Swan portrays an individual desperately clinging to an identity yet resisting prevailing narratives. He may be pushed to the fringes, to the edges of both the city and of his own sanity, but he refuses to be marginalised.

My Name is Swan may well have hiss in its beak but it will have elegance in its feathers. It will be a story of triumph over adversity as ‘Swan’, kicking against troubled currents, some of his own making, emerges to ride out the tide into another day.

Where will my contributions go?

30% Post-Production and Editing
30% Production and Shooting
15% Musical Composition and Recording
10% Equipment hire and purchase
5% Grading and Submission Fees
10% of funds will be donated to the mental health charity Core Arts

Core Arts is London based charity set up to support and promote recovery, social inclusion and mental wellbeing through the arts.

We need to raise £7000 in order to complete our project. We are looking to raise half of the funds through this platform. The more we raise here, the more we can donate to Core.

The Team

Adam Carr – Director, Producer
Samuel Kilcoyne – Composer, musician
Takatsuna Mukai – Musician, arranger
Jan Noble – Poet, performer
Alison Poltock – Associate producer
Don Mousseau – Artist development

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